PhoneBloks points a way to smarter manufacturing

PhoneBloks is currently no more than an idea and a proposal.

I’ve been told that it is impractical, unrealistic, and will never happen.

Maybe. Maybe not.

This is the phone.


All the component modules fit onto a back plate and you can personalise, or upgrade, your phone by exchanging the appropriate module.

See all about it at

In this 2 minute video you will see how they plan to get the support to start the ball rolling to have it made. I’m supporting that.


My point is that we have got to put our minds to how we manufacture – and where we manufacture

We could easily design all products with re-use of the raw materials in mind. So we stop digging out more from the earth.

We could stop manufacturing in one country for use in another and slash the use of irreplaceable oil in moving “stuff” round the globe.

We simply need to decide to do it.

Phonebloks is one way of changing.

Do you know of other similar projects? Tell us in the comments below.





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One Response to PhoneBloks points a way to smarter manufacturing

  1. Sula-May October 17, 2013 at 4:27 pm #

    What a novel and innovative idea, it sounds great, lets hope enough people get behind this venture. I’m one of those people who don’t renew things just for the sake of it because the latest technology is out, I got my phone in 2006, so I’ve held onto it for 7 years now. I however, realise that people want to stay up to date with the latest functions available, which this phone enables you to do easily by replacing the relevant blok.

    My concern is that many people like the idea of a new phone for the new look, change in appearance as well as for status value. The video deals with the change in blok face though the image conscious, social status assigned to phones is another story. May be a blok phone could do away with this, having to keep up with the Jones’s.

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