Seth Godin examines the concept of a Spiritual Business

In his post today,
Seth Godin asks:

“Spiritual business is an interesting concept. Is what you do all day at work part of who you are? Is it possible to be a deceitful crook all week but a good person on the weekend?

Can you succeed financially by acting in an ethical way?”

I not only believe it is possible, but that is exactly why Spiritus was created!

It’s a place for people to find businesses who do reflect who they are in how their business is run.

Indeed, every entry for every business in the directory starts by answering these two questions:

“What does marketing from spirit mean to you”


“How is that reflected in your business”.

Again, to quote from his post:

“Individuals and organizations that can compete on generosity and fairness repeatedly defeat those that only do it grudgingly.”


People intuitively prefer to do business with people who value the same things that they do.

Which is why we are seeing the increasing use of Spiritus as the Directory of choice to find a plumber, accountant, coach – whatever! – where the first step is to find out the values which drive that business.

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