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Bending and Healing with Time – a Tom Evans happening

Discover how we are not as enslaved by time as you think. The flow of time can be controlled simply by changing the speed of our consciousness. We can control it, not the other way around.
On this mind opening workshop you will even learn how to send messages backwards and forwards in time and how to tune into ‘future memories’.
Come along for a day of fun and exploration and you will look back on this day as a real turning point in your life.

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All about Apps for iPhones and iPads – recording

The Spiritus Business Information Call with Tom Evans (full details here) was so interesting and informative that I have decided to make it available not only to Spiritus members but to readers of this blog. Tom talks about the creative thinking that is needed to fully exploit this new technology, and describes Apps that he […]

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All about Apps for iPhones and iPads

Tom Evans is already well-known as an Author and as a source of information and help for other authors through his website The BookWright. But he’s also an expert on creating Apps for iPads and iPhones and will be sharing his knowledge with Spiritus members and friends in a teleconference on Wednesday September 8th at […]

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