Spiritus is 5 today

Today is Spiritus’ 5th birthday!

Spiritus mandala

The very first online mention of Spiritus appeared on Jan 18th 2008 though the website was not properly active till a year later .

This is a mandala I painted in May 2008 in class run by Gaby van Heerden who encouraged us to meditate on our subject whilst we let the design flow onto the page.

What a wonderful community we’ve gathered here in those years!

Our philosophy has clarified into the Three Pillars of Spiritual marketing, translated into this glorious painting, by Angela Treat Lyon, which hangs on my office wall.

The three pillars are:




brought together in the Spiritual Marketing Manifesto.

Most of you have businesses where you help folk to move forward in some way in the their inner lives through coaching, therapy, treatments etc

Now it seems the right time to expand and focus on the other aspect of our lives, to focus on how we interact with our planet in our outer, physical lives.

Loving  and caring for our planet


We are wanting to attract businesses that are working in some way to enable us to live in balance with the earth, using resources which are renewable or ever-present.

We see a synergy between informing you of products, processes and ways of living which will resonate with your own desires to be in harmony with the planet, and to introducing these new friends to the myriad of services you all offer which will support them in the running of their businesses.

On this our birthday we ask for your help in connecting us to any of these businesses that you know – maybe you use their products or services, maybe they are run by people who are your clients. 

This joint focus on both the physical and the meta-physical is the natural progression for Spiritus and we are looking forward to encompassing  practitioners from both as we go forward in the years to come.



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