Flavours of Thought course from Tom Evans

Tom Evans has a new course – and he wants to share it free with Spiritus members.

It brings his book “Flavours of Thoughts” up to date.

He is making it available to anyone reading this blog, or the Spiritus Newsletter – and invites you to share with others.

Go here to get this course for free-  and if you get the course, give back good karma by giving feedback and reviews.


This is what Tom says:

We go about our days not giving our thoughts a second thought. This is a real shame as the content and nature of our thoughts fundamentally change the world around us.

This course will both blow and open your mind. It uncovers both where the ‘flavours’ come from and how we can use them in our daily lives to live more magically and happily.

We tend to think that all our thoughts are in our heads and it is a common misunderstanding that our brains are the generators of thought.

It is more accurate to describe the brain as both a receiver and transmitter of thought.

The real clue as to where many thoughts come from can be found in our language. We say things like “Off the top of my head” and “I can feel it in my water”.

These are not casual utterances but give us real clues as to the true nature and source of our thoughts.

It’s also often misquoted that our thoughts become things … it is much more accurate to say that they are things! Furthermore, not all thoughts are may what you think of as your own.

This course is a philosophical exploration which lifts the lid on what it means to be human and the possible nature and sources of our thoughts.

Changing our thoughts though is not simply about either having a glass half full or half empty mentality. The very nature our thoughts is richer, and more tasty, than we think. This course exposes some secrets known only by sages, mystics and seers that have been hidden for thousands of years.

BONUS AUDIO COMPILATIONS: If you want to listen to the lectures about the flavours on your MP3 player, tablet or smartphone, there are three bonus MP3 audio downloads.

CAVEAT : This course contains references to the Tarot and was inspired by the hidden messages contained within it. It is not a course that teaches the Tarot, divination and fortune telling. If the very notion of the Tarot somehow conflicts with your creed or religion, then this course is not for you. If however you are curious about the human mind and the human condition, then there are untold treasures to be found in this magical glyph. This course deconstructs and contemporizes just some of the secrets buried in its imagery and structure.

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