Bending and Healing with Time – a Tom Evans happening

Bending time? and Healing with Time? What on earth is that??

That’s exactly what I wondered – so I got Tom on the phone and asked him….

This is what he told me.

Click the link for our 10 minutes conversation -and be prepared to hear something very typically Tom Evans!

Tom is running a special workshop on the last Thursday of the next few months – though from how he describes it, workshop is rather a pedestrian word for what promises to open our eyes to something very different.

Price is £199 including break refreshments and a buffet lunch.

Tom says:

Discover how we are not as enslaved by time as you think. The flow of time can be controlled simply by changing the speed of our consciousness. We can control it, not the other way around.

On this mind opening workshop you will even learn how to send messages backwards and forwards in time and how to tune into ‘future memories’.

Come along for a day of fun and exploration and you will look back on this day as a real turning point in your life.

Workshop Agenda

Morning : Changing Your Relationship with Time

  • The Bandits of Time
  • Two Minds of Time
  • Silencing Inner Chatter
  • Getting in the Zone

Afternoon : Controlling Time

  • Inner Mind Time
  • Outer Mind Time
  • Seeing Through the Illusion
  • Introduction to Time Bending Therapy (TBT)


Your Workshop Host

Tom Evans, aka the Wizard of Light Bulb Moments will be taking you on a journey through time. Tom is a BBC-trained Broadcast Engineer turned author who has most recently been studying ancient esoteric wisdom and the latest research into how our brains work (or not). He has a knack for making the complex both understandable and also practically useful in the ‘real’ world.

He has also recently written and published a book in just two weeks – an amazing example of how to use the techniques he teaches

When & where

Next workshop – Thursday, 28th February 2013 at Warren House, Kingston Surrey, UK
Also running :
Thursday, 28th March
Thursday, 30th May
Thursday, 26th September
get in touch if you would like to reserve a place on a later workshop with a small deposit.

Your investment for the day is just £249 for the day including teas, coffees and a buffet lunch.

Remember – use the code tempus50 and you will pay £199.

To book your place, you can either pay online below via PayPal or email me if you would like to pay by BAC’s or cheque. If you’d like make a block booking for your company or team.

Book here (and check out other Tom Evans Happenings)




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