Aaron Stanley – Engaging with the higher Chakras in your marketing

I know a lot of people were impressed with Aaron’s article in Spiritual Marketing Awareness Month, and many of you downloaded his fascinating and free book Jesus the Marketer, so I was delighted to have him as our Expert in the Spiritus Business Call on November 17th.

During the call, Aaron actually gave us the very first peek at his new book – so new it does not even have a name – which will look at marketing from the 7 aspects of Consciousness, based on the body Chakras.

He explained how much of current marketing focusses on the lower Chakras, and engages with emotions like laziness, fear and greed and talked about how to bring in the higher Chakras – self-fulfilment, altruism, creativity.

It’s a fascinating call which you can listen to here. I am making it available to all because it resonates so closely with what we are doing here at Spiritus.

Aaron StanleyAs the creator of “Conscious Copy,” Joshua Aaron Stanley applies the principles of Empathy, Integrity & Authenticity to create marketing messages and sales letters that persuade and inspire. His copy has produced breakthrough results for his clients while activating or increasing their stream of abundance.

Through courses and training programs, he shows enlightened entrepreneurs how to apply fundamental spiritual principles to the practical art of copywriting so they can market their business with a clean conscience while attracting just the kind of prospects they want to work with.

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