50 top values of Spiritus members

Spiritus –  the Spiritual Marketing Directory is a very different kind of business directory.


Maria Annell at Spiritus


When you Search the directory, you will initially get the answers of the business to three questions:


What does Marketing from Spirit mean to us?

How is that reflected in our business?

What are the three most important values to our business?


I’m often asked “what do you mean by values?”

So I thought it might be interesting to list 50 values, picked at random, which are listed as one of their top values by some of our members.

I’ve connected the profile of just one member who lists this value so you can see how it relates to who they are and what they do.


1 – Analysis

Riaz-ul Haque of the Centre for Integrative Learning

2 – Application

Linda Lawless of Lawless and company

3 – Appreciation

Nut Tmu-ank of The Temple of Wombn

4 – Aspiration

Jane Duncan Rogers



Jane Rogers of Rich Thinkers

5 – Attention to Detail

Kerry Vear-Smyth of Celebrations in Spain

6 – Authenticity

E.Dee Conrad, author of A New Dawn Awaits

7 – Availability

Mark Hultgren of MKW Industries Inc

8 – Awareness

Mark W Foster, author of Energy –the new currency of Business

9 – Balance

Lynn Serafinn,  author of the 7 Graces of Marketing

10 – Beauty

Julianne Davidow, Writer, Photographer, Coach

11 – Belief

One to One Women Coaching Women

12 – Clarity

Pat Honiotes of Healing Energies Inc

13 – Commitment

Maria Annell, creator of EFT Telesummit in French

14 – Communication

Deann Manning of Life and Small Business Coaching

15 – Community Spirit

Julie  Woods of Mystic Charms

16 – Compassionate Communication

Shakti Martin of Integrated Energy Balancing

17 – Congruency

Tom Evans, Author, Bookwright, Wayseer

18 – Co-operation

Terry Malloy of Video Focus

19 – Creativity

Angela Treat Lyon, Artist, EFT guru, business coach

20 – To Discover

Stephanie Wood, creator of Body Knowledge System

21 – Empathy

Josephine Cropper of JMC Psychotherapy

22 – Empowerment

Charly Leetham – Online Business Implementation Expert and Small Business Coach

23 – Encouragement

John Sykes




John Sykes of Practise Speaking English

24 – Exceed Expectations

Howard Sambol of Breakthrough Coaching

25 – Freedom to Create

Steve Beaumont of Rare Creative Group

26 – Fun


Julieanne van Zyl of MLM Marketing Blog School

27 – Goal manifesting effectiveness

Dimitris Bousmpoukis of Morphogenesis

28 – Growth

Philippa Merrivale of Metatronic Life

29 – Honesty

Darren Smyth, Chartered Patent Attorney

30 – Information

The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies

31 – Inner Guidance

Allison Maslam of Blast Off! Coaching and Speaking

32 – Integrity

Kay Ross Marketing

33 – Joy

Alex Lewczuk of Southside Broadcasting

34 – Listening

Kevin Webster, Graphic Designer and Coach

35 – Love

Michelle Hazelwood of Universal Wellness

36 – Oneness

Sunny Ariel of Sapphire House Promotions and Productions

37 – Openness

Diane Corriette of Online Marketing for Business

38 – Passion

Jessica McGregor Johnson, author of The Right T-Shirt

39 – Peace of Mind

Jamie Smart, author of Clarity

40 – Performance

Stacie Nottingham of Bombshell Design

41 – Promptness

Rachel Williamson of Your Online Business Incubator

42 – Quality

Luiz Diaz, author of Cellular Memory

43 – Respect

Caron Goode of the Academy for Coaching Parents International

44 – Service

Simon Zipperlen of Estona Internet Marketing

45 – Sharing

Christine Miller of Your Ultimate Resource

46 – Simplicity

Marie Cunningham of The Energy Within

47 – Sincerity

Sandy Rogers of Ask Sandy Rogers

48 – Trust

Velma Gallant of Welcome Changes

49 – Truthfulness

Andrea Adler, author of The Science of Spiritual Marketing.

50 – Willingness

Addictions UK


Would you like to attract new clients for your business by showing them what matters to you, what are your values?

Find out how to join Spiritus –the Spiritual Marketing Directory here.

3 Responses to 50 top values of Spiritus members

  1. Julieanne van Zyl June 4, 2013 at 8:16 am #

    Lots of different values there Shelagh! I would love to see all the members you’ve listed tell us why each of those values is so important to them. I wonder if they would come back here and do that?

    I’ll start off. The value “fun” is important to me in business, because if I don’t enjoy doing something, it’s just not worth it. Also, when you can find something to earn money from and have fun, then it’s worth doing more and more of that.

  2. John Sykes June 5, 2013 at 11:32 am #

    In my business, Encouragement is an essential ingredient towards achievement. It is no use for a student of spoken English to remain silent and not participate in a session because they learn absolutely nothing. However many are shy, but by encouraging them to participate bit by bit, it is quite amazing how they “get the bug!” Not only do they take part, normally within the first session but often dominate the conversations! All it took was a little Encouragement!

  3. Jane Duncan Rogers June 7, 2013 at 7:59 am #

    Aspiration is normally used as in ‘aspiring to achieve something’. But that’s not how I use it, other than recognising that I am always in the process of growth, as hopefully, so are you and your business!
    Rather I like the other use of the word, meaning to inhale.

    In order to take a conscious breath, we need to stop. And so often in a business day, stopping does not happen! And yet, when you do just stop and take a conscious breath (or even 3!) the activities that occur after that breath, and the results from those activities, are often completely different, and usually much more satisfying. Try it and see!

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