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Toggle is an amazing new book by first time author Wyon Stansfeld.

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When mysterious green circles arrive around the world, with the promise of ‘transformation’ for those that touch them, there are mixed views about what to do, and about who has sent them and why. Can they be trusted? What happens to those that dare to trust and will the world change as a result?

What are people saying about Toggle?

“Skilful plotting seduces you into examining your judgements of others, including refugees and asylum seekers.”
Pete Nicol-Harper, Headington Writers Group.

“This book speaks to our fears and mistrust and the atmosphere of aggression that most of the world has been infected with. The
reader is taken inside a character’s mind and then squeezed gently until they are oozing emotion. The ending is like a sad parting from an old friend.”
Cherry Mosteshar, The Oxford Editors.

“This book gripped me from start to finish – not only is it a great story about possible alien communication but it’s been really well written with a delightful turn of phrase, which makes it a joy to read. The different characters’ storylines are well thought through, with each one having a connection with the aliens and each one being given an opportunity for transformation in a way that is really meaningful in their lives. I would never normally have read something about aliens but this book is an absolute must read – I will be recommending it to everyone I know! And as a bonus, it’s really got me thinking – I want to be one of these characters now! You’ll have to read it to find out what I mean!”

Jane Rodgers on Amazon

“You know those times when you feel your teeth clenching in rage and frustration at the iniquity and injustice of the world? . . . at just how pigheaded people can be – maybe, pulling back the focus a little, recognising something of your own small-mindedness in the face of the manifest loveliness of the world?
What could be done to break through this frontier of perception?
Some might recommend the rigours of lifelong meditative practice; others might be tempted by the `instant karma’ of hallucinogens – “one pill makes you larger, one pill makes you small . . .”
Wyon has succeeded brilliantly in producing a transformative device – a book! – which can be consumed painlessly and entertainingly, in bite-sized chunks. It will leave you suffused with the spirit of generosity and compassion – the author’s gift to the world, which you’ll no doubt want to pass on to a wider public.
His theme is indeed the frontier of perception, which, as he so craftily conveys, lies at the root of the entrenched injustice of border controls, immigration scares, and refugee detention centres. It’s a science fiction fantasy, but very much based on a world, and characters, we can recognise and identify with.
Please read `Toggle’: I recommend it wholeheartedly.”

Hafiz Ladell on Amazon

This is incredibly sure-footed writing. Amazing work for a first novel. I could not put the book down. The author has the details of each of the highly varied characters pitch-perfect, gradually bringing out the emotions of each situation in an understated but powerful, subtle way. Trust me, you should read this book. It grips like a thriller and yet contains a huge heart full of humanity that could change the world if enough people read it and take on board its messages of empathy and compassion across the globe – and indeed for animals. The author gradually brings in more and more characters without ever losing the thread. Each strand intrigues and hits the right tone of voice for the character concerned. I usually take weeks to finish a novel but I just had to sit down and finish this over the course of a few days. Its central theme is one of transformation and I’m convinced it can have a transformative effect on readers. I am now not looking at dogs in quite the same way! The sections about an asylum seeker woven through are shocking – especially when you read the author’s note at the end about how they are closely based on real stories. And yet you can empathise as much with the immigration judge as with the refugee – and that is true of all the different and opposite individuals that are introduced.

The theme of the “alien” intervention on earth is a brilliant device – but don’t be deceived – it is a book that is very much about the huge variety of what it means to be human in the 21st century – truly a book for our times.

R J Pantlin on Amazon

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