Teresa Lynch – Stressfish Guide to EmoTrance

The StressFish Guide to EmoTrance by Dr. Teresa Lynch has been written to be the perfect introduction to this fantastic healing modality for beginners, but also works fantastically at reminding seasoned professionals why they fell in love with EmoTrance in the first place.

Stress is a “life limiter”.
Are you tired of just “hanging in there”?

Do you want to take your life to a completely different dimension?
Are you ready to transform your stress from states of confusion, despair, anger or fear to those of love and joy?

Welcome to EmoTrance.

Written by Master EmoTrance Trainer Dr Teresa Lynch, the StressFish Guide to EmoTrance is both an introduction to the therapy – which can be used for everything from overcoming a relationship breakup to making a good life an amazing life – and a simple guide to overcoming the day to day stresses and trials of life.

You can buy the book either as a paperback or as an ebook for immediate download at the Dragon Rising website.

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  1. Anonymous March 18, 2012 at 2:30 pm #

    Terry – I’m delighted to bring this book to the attention of  Spiritus members!

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