Marie Cunningham – The Energy Within

The Energy Within

Ever wondered why we keep creating the same old, same old in life? This book gets to the root of why we keep repeating old patterns of behaviour.

Marie Cunningham has been helping people develop their own healing abilities for over 15 years by introducing them to the idea that there’s a valid reason for creating havoc in your lives and shows that once we learn to read the ‘signs’ from the universe, life is never quite the same.

Her analogies have helped many people realise that we each have the power to turn our lives around, once we change the way we view the world.

Starting in her home town of Middlesbrough she introduced people to the wonderful world of Crystals by opening The Crystal Cave and led her customers to the joys of Reiki, Hypnotherapy & Past- Life Regression, for which she is now trained.

Marie has a deep passion to make the world a better place and helping people to discover they have their own answers.

She has ‘been there, done that’ and for those who have tried many methods of self-healing and given up, this book shows that if you ‘hang in there’ you can find the way to the joy of self-love.

Marie is still on her ‘journey’, as she believes the journey is ongoing and continues until we return home to the source.

Allow yourself the gift of knowing who you really are!

The Energy Within……for all that you are…….and have ever been!



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Date of publication: sept 2010

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